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12:00 AM CHECK IN | 1 Star STAR

Why this hotel?

Room Service
Check-in 26 Jan 12:00 AM
Check-Out 26 Jan 11:00 PM
Number of Guest 1 Room 1 Guest

2% Cashback applied
1646 1680 Save ₹ 34


12:00 AM Check in

Standard Room

1646 1680 Save ₹ 34
1. Parking (Complimentary)

Room Service

1 Any cancellation 5 days prior to check in will be treated with complete refund.
2 Any cancellation within 5 days of check in will be treated with credit voucher against the paid advances, valid up to 06 months from date of issue of voucher.
3 In case of cancellation within 48 hours or No show, the guest/agents will be liable to pay the full amount as per the booking plan.
4 No refunds for unused nights. No refunds in full or part for any service hindered due to technical or other reasons beyond control.

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